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Volunteer Experience

What Is Volunteer Tourism?

Curious about volunteer tourism? You’ve probably heard the term floating around, but what exactly does it entail? Let’s uncover the world of volunteering abroad – from building schools in Kenya to protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica. Discover how you can make a positive impact while exploring new cultures and landscapes. Get ready to launch …

Volunteer Experience

How to Document Your Volunteer Experience

Documenting your volunteer experience is crucial for showcasing your skills and commitment to future employers or academic institutions. Whether you volunteered at a local charity, community center, or non-profit organization, keeping a record of your contributions can set you apart from other candidates. By chronicling your volunteer work, you can demonstrate your dedication, teamwork, and …

Volunteer Experience

How to Make the Most of Your Volunteer Experience

You’ve decided to give back to your community by volunteering, but how can you ensure that your experience is fulfilling and impactful? It’s important to maximize your volunteer experience by choosing opportunities that align with your passions and skills, setting clear goals for what you want to achieve, building meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers and …